Desktop Backgrounds (A Few More Favorites)

Hello there! Back in February I made a post about some cutie desktop backgrounds I had found, but there are SO MANY MORE GREAT ONES that I wanted to share some more I’ve used lately!

This one sums up my mornings at work perfectly- gotta go get coffee first thing! (Thankfully we have Kuerig machines at the office and delicious coffee choices or else I would be spending all my money at Starbucks!)

I’m so fancy- you already know!

These soft watercolor dots are great when you want something fun and happy, but not as bold as the one above it. (Watercolor backgrounds are my absolute favorite!!!!)

Pretty AND a good message- love!

Wow this one is very busy- but I absolutely love it! Kate Spade has some great backgrounds and I have used just about all of them!

I got QUITE a few comments when I had that busy floral background- most of them were along the lines of “OH MY EYES!!!!!!!” and “wow…. so you REALLY like pink, huh….” and yes, I do like pink and that picture made me happy so you don’t have to look at my computer! So there!

I hope you love one of these and use it for your desktop background, too! Have a happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “Desktop Backgrounds (A Few More Favorites)

  1. That “coffeecoffeecoffee” one is adorable!! I still have the default (#lame), so I’ll definitely have to switch mine out!

    P.S. I’ve switched off of WordPress, so just checking in to make sure you know to resubscribe. A lot of hard work when into this design, but I’m SUPER excited about it. Hooray!

    • Yes, change it ASAP! And thanks for letting me know- I found you! I also found you on Bloglovin, so I’ll get all your posts there, too! 🙂 (The new design looks AWESOME!)

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