Spring Cleaning Playlist

Spring is so wonderful! Birds chirping, flowers blooming, warmer weather… and oh yeah, spring cleaning. I am definitely not a fan of this last one, but you know what, it must be done!

Now that I’ve lived in my apartment for a FULL YEAR (which I seriously don’t believe and I’m seriously cringing at that one “random” tub in my storage closet that never got all the way unpacked…………) it is high time for a good and THOROUGH cleaning. Yay.

Sometimes when I’m cleaning, I’ll put on a movie or TV show for some “background noise” but I end up getting distracted and sit down to watch “just this one scene” and then 50 minutes later I’m still sitting there watching and not cleaning. So for this cleaning event, I’ve made myself a little cleaning playlist in the hopes that I won’t get distracted!


I tried to pick upbeat songs that will keep me moving and motivated and that I can sing along to (the whole whistle while you work idea, you know.) I’ve listed my playlist below- feel free to use it while YOU clean, as well! Or work out. Or drive. Or whatever!

Happy spring cleaning!!

One thought on “Spring Cleaning Playlist

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