One Year in Dallas!!!

Hey guys, guess what? I have officially lived in Dallas for a FULL YEAR now! I just can’t believe it. This year has absolutely flown by! That also means that in 2 days, it will be a full year at my current job. Where has time gone?!?!


I remember being so excited to move to Dallas- it had been my “plan” to end up in Dallas ever since I was in high school, and it felt so surreal to actually be making that dream a reality. Everything was new, everything was different, and while it was really exciting, I was so so so nervous at the same time. Moving to a city where you know ZERO people isn’t easy 100% of the time, folks!

So much has happened in the last year. I’ve made some awesome friends, I took a few really fun trips, I bought a new car (less fun but out of necessity), I got a new nephew, I found a church home that I enjoy, I went to some concerts, and I had awesome people come visit me. I can’t wait to enjoy the next year in Dallas, try even more things, and have even MORE fun!

2 thoughts on “One Year in Dallas!!!

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