And That’s Why You Always Leave a (Thank You) Note

Happy birthday to ME! Yes, I turn 28 today. If wondering how I feel about this new age I’m entering into, please refer to the graphic below.


I joke, I joke. I’m excited to be another year older and hopefully wiser and I think that 28 will be awesome!

27 was pretty great though- a few highlights would definitely have to be getting a job offer ON MY BIRTHDAY, seeing Phantom of the Opera on stage, moving to Dallas, making some new friends, going to the ground breaking ceremony for my parents’ new business, making a trip back to St. Louis, celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday, and getting to meet my NEW nephew!

But back to birthdays. They’re pretty great. There is a strong possibility that you will get cake or some sort of celebratory delicious treat, people will make you feel special and all warm and fuzzy by taking a second to say ‘happy birthday,’ and you just might even get some fun birthday gifts.

Growing up, my mom always made a really big deal about writing a thank you note when you get a gift. I would always roll my eyes and get super annoyed that she was MAKING me do this, but I would write the note anyway. And now that I’m older, I’m SO GLAD that she made this a habit for me! It’s such a nice gesture to send a little note and really let someone know that you appreciate their gift and their thoughtfulness, and doesn’t it always feel great when you get a thank you note in the mail from a friend?

I was at Target and I found these adorable thank you notes- I decided that I want them ALL!

I have a few thank you notes I’ll need to write over the next few days, maybe I might go pick up one of these cute note cards first?!?


9 thoughts on “And That’s Why You Always Leave a (Thank You) Note

  1. Happy Birthday! I agree, I wish I could stay younger too! I will be 33 next week. But I feel happy about it. Grateful – that I made it through another year, and I’m alive and healthy! Sounds so cheesy. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!!! So lovely that you take the time to send a note! It does really feel nice when you receive one 🙂 the ones you found at target look very cute, you should definitely get one or two (or all!!)

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