23 Hours with My Mom!

My mom, aka the sweetest lady ever, came down to visit me this past weekend! She was only in town for a grand total of 23 hours, but she was so sweet to drive all the way down to Dallas on Saturday to help me celebrate my birthday a little bit early- and we had lots of fun!

First thing’s first- we went out to a late lunch! I took my mom to Uncle Julio’s because I was totally craving some Tex-Mex. I needed some chips and salsa PRONTO! (Side note- their salsa actually isn’t my favorite… but the chips are REALLY thin and those thin chips are my favorite!)


We get there and at the table is a little flyer for their loyalty program- it said that if you signed up, you could get some free guacamole. I’m not the biggest fan of guac, but if it is for free and they make it right at your table, then sign me up! And you know what? It was so fresh and delicious!! (And normally $12, so good thing we weren’t paying for it!)


We split an enchilada plate and it was the perfect amount of food. Then the waitress comes by and was like “Did you save room for something sweet? We have this dessert we usually do for birthdays!” I took that to mean “Hey we have a free birthday dessert if you saved room!” But it actually meant “Hey there is a $4 scoop of ice cream you can purchase if you would like!” So I misunderstood that, obviously, and we ended up with a scoop of delicious ice cream in a yummy sauce. Oops- but SO delicious!


Next up we headed to the Richardson Mercantile, a flea market not too far from where I live. I’d wanted to check this place out for a while, and it was pretty fun! It was a good size and there was a good mixture of junk, antiques, strange things you can’t believe that anyone purchased in the first place, and items that have been re-done and are now being sold for a lot of money.


We didn’t find any treasures there, but we did find a little Valentine’s Day selfie set-up and had to snap a picture!


Next we went up to the outlet mall up in Allen and it was CROWDED! We actually found a great parking spot (#blessed) and we started shopping! We walked around the entire thing, got a few great items, and then headed out. We weren’t super hungry yet (we did eat lunch at like 2:30…), so we headed back toward my place.

We stopped at TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby to look at a few things, and then we went across the street and had a small dinner at Super Chix- it was so delicious! They just have chicken, fries, and frozen custard in YUMMY flavors. The current flavor is ‘coffee and donuts’ – doesn’t that sound amazing?!? We then went back to my apartment and ate some ice cream, opened a few gifts, and just hung out.

Yesterday we tried Watermark Church for the first time, just for something different. It’s not my church home here in Dallas, but this place is very popular and HUGE, and it was really impressive to go to a GIANT church and see so many people in such a huge building! (Although it didn’t seem as big as James River Assembly in Springfield, MO- that place was SUPER HUGE!)

After church we had lunch at Bread Co. (I still refuse to call it Panera, I don’t even care that I don’t live in St. Louis anymore, it will always be Bread Co. to me!) and then she had to start her drive home.

It was such a short visit but a really FUN one- I’m glad that she came down to help me celebrate my birthday early and made the drive to spend some time with me! You rock, Mom! I hope everyone else had a super fun weekend, too!

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