Desktop Backgrounds (A Few of My Faves!)

I’ve mentioned it before, but every Monday at work, the first thing I do is change the desktop background. It might actually be my favorite part of my week, which is either really great that it gets me excited to come to work on Mondays or really bad that I still have the entire rest of the week to go after that.

Here are a few of the backgrounds that I’ve found recently and have added to my stockpile for work. They’re bright and fun and happy and I really think they’ll make me enjoy staring at my computer for 40 hours a week!


Ahhhhh look at that llama!!! I NEED that on my desktop RIGHT NOW! I might actually have to use that one next week…

I found a TON of really awesome backgrounds, so I might make this a monthly feature? Maybe every other month? That way you can see if there are any you like and want to use at work or at home, too. Yeah, I think I’m going to do that- adding it into my blog schedule now! I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far- enjoy your day!

11 thoughts on “Desktop Backgrounds (A Few of My Faves!)

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