Dallas Spotlight: Pioneer Plaza

Basically every day at work, my friend Lisa and I will go for a walk. We have a typical route that we usually do when it is WAY too hot or WAY too cold out (downtown Dallas has some awesome skywalks and so we can walk almost a full mile without even stepping foot outside! Convenient!) But on the days when the weather is just right, we like to walk outside. We usually end up walking down to Klyde Warren Park, which we did twice last week, but this past Friday we went someone different. We went on an adventure to Pioneer Plaza!


It was a bit of a trek, but I’m so glad we finally went to check it out! There are 49 HUGE bronze steer statues and 3 riders, and it is really quite a sight to see. There were other tourists there checking it out and there were even some people having their pictures taken. It was a really neat spot!




This was one of the first places I added to my “Dallas list” when I was getting ready to move down here, and I can’t believe it took me almost a fully year to make my way over there. I am officially adding it to my “Kelly’s tour of Dallas” so I can show other people when they come to visit! If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out, too!

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