Dallas Spotlight: Chapel of Thanks-Giving

I seriously love working in Downtown Dallas. I think that Dallas has the best downtown area ever! There are plenty of tall buildings to give that ‘big city’ feel, but the buildings are kind of spaced out so you don’t feel too overwhelmed and overpowered by them. I love that there is SO MUCH to do and see- you can go to the arts district and go to museums or the sculpture center, you can go do free yoga or Zumba in the park, you can see a part of history down in the west end, you can eat at lots of restaurants, or you can even sit next to a giant eye sculpture while eating delicious gelato and people watching (this last one is one of my favorites!)

One of my very favorite things about downtown Dallas is the chapel in Thanks-Giving Square.


You can see this seashell spiral of a building from my office, and it intrigued me from my first day working in Dallas. I went on an adventure to find it on one of my daily walks (it’s only a few blocks from my building) and it was even prettier up close.

I knew that there was a beautiful stained-glass ceiling inside, but the chapel has limited hours, so I wasn’t able to go for a while. When my friend Jen came to visit me over the summer, I decided that we needed to go inside and see it for ourselves! And it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

chapel ceiling

My pictures don’t do it justice at all. Standing in there on a bright and sunny day makes the glass shine like you can’t even imagine. The small chapel is so quiet and it’s a really beautiful place to sit and reflect for a few minutes.

If you’re in the area and you haven’t been yet- you definitely need to check it out (you’ll find it at the corner of Bryan St. and Ervay St., just across the corner from the Post Office building!)

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