A Smile Can Go a Long Way

When I was growing up and visiting my grandparents in Texas, my grandma would let my sister and I watch old movies. I can’t remember if she had the full collection or just a random few, but my favorites to watch were always Shirley Temple movies. There was singing, dancing, usually some sad moment, and always a happy ending.

In the movie Little Miss Broadway, Shirley sings a song called “Be Optimistic” and ever since hearing it for the first time, the main line has become my favorite quote. (Yeah, it’s been in my head for a looooong time!)


I’m a big fan of smiling, just like Buddy the Elf. I think that smiling can do wonders in so many situations.

Smiling can… brighten your day and help make you feel 2% better about yourself.

Smiling can… brighten a stranger’s day when you’re passing them on the street.

Smiling can… brighten a friend’s day by letting them know that you’re thrilled to see them.

Smiling can… encourage someone to keep doing a great job.

Smiling can… show people that you are loving life.

Smiling can… help you realize things that make you really happy.

Smiling can… keep you in a more positive frame of mind throughout the day.

Smiling can… encourage trust between you and the people around you.

Smiling can… make other people smile, too!

I try and smile whenever and wherever possible. (Seriously. Someone asked me “Why do you smile all the time? Why are you so happy?” at my last job…) I challenge you to try and smile more- give it one day! You don’t need to go around looking like a Stepford wife with a fake smile plastered on your face, but try and be mindful about being optimistic and smiling when the moment is right. So don’t wear a long face, they’re never in style; be optimistic and smile! 🙂

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