2016 Book Bingo

Because I love to read so much (and only slightly because I moved to a new state and a lack of social calendar gave me lots of time to do so) I read a LOT of books this past year! Like, more than I expected. Which was amazing! I went on lots of adventures with great characters, traveled to new places through my mind, and lived vicariously through a lot of complicated and satisfying love stories. (You can go back and see some of the books I read here, here, here, here, and here!)

I was thinking of what books I wanted to read in 2016, and not gunna lie… I got a bit overwhelmed. There are SO many (seriously, hundreds) of books on my list of ‘books to read before I die’ and my list keeps getting longer and longer every month! I decided that I needed to make a fun way to choose a good variety of books to read this next year, and thus the 2016 Book Bingo was born!

book bingo

Won’t you join me in playing book bingo this year?!? If you don’t have much time to read (you know, people with actual lives and families and legit hobbies and things), then you can try to go for a traditional BINGO (a full line across, up and down, or diagonal). If you’re a book-o-holic like me and are up for the challenge, then try go to for a full blackout on the BINGO card!

I’ll be trying to fill up my entire BINGO card during 2016 (that’s about 1 book ever 2 weeks- totally doable!), and I’ll be sharing my book choices as I go. Happy reading and happy (almost) new year!

(And yes, I DO know that I have “A book published in the last year” on there twice- that was on purpose! For real! There always seem to be great books coming out that I don’t want to read right away because I have all these other, older books lined up… this will let me read them RIGHT THEN!)

8 thoughts on “2016 Book Bingo

  1. Thanks for referring me here. i love the book bingo and because I can’t pass up a good challenge, I am totally going to try to do it. I’ll probably try to do one line for now but my goal is to get a “full house” by the end of the year. I’m pinning the post so I can refer to it and of course, you just got a new blog and social media follower too 🙂

  2. PS. I tried to tweet to share your post but it doesn’t link your twitter account to the tweet – I had to add your twitter handle manually. You should check that out so you don’t miss out.

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