Yes, I Wanted to be a Snowman…

I recently posted about not knowing where I wanted my career to be in the next 5 years (this post here!) and that thought has still been sticking with me. Again, I like my job well enough, I’m not necessarily looking to ‘shake things up,’ but I’ve really been trying to think of what direction I want my career to go.

I still have nothing.

I thought that I should revisit all the careers I wanted to have while growing up, one by one, and maybe that would shed some light onto what my passions are and where I should be focusing my attention, what skills I should work on developing, etc. I’m not sure if this will actually be helpful or not, but I’m just letting myself type and I guess we will see where we’re at when I’m done!



Yes, I wanted to be a snowman when I grew up. I don’t think I could make that one up. I was a very small child at the time, and yes we even have it on home video for proof. I’m not sure what about being a snowman appealed to me, but I think it shows a whimsical spirit that I ‘d like to think is still alive in my soul to this day. Or maybe it just shows that I was a super weird kid. Because I was. I’m also a pretty weird adult, too, but I think some people find it endearing. Hopefully. 🙂


 Fire Truck Driver

No, don’t confuse this with wanting to be a firefighter. I had no desire to fight fires. I very specifically wanted to drive the big truck and that was all. I didn’t want to wear the uniform, either. Just drive around and hang out with the dog I assumed came with the fire truck. As a young child, the dog might have been a big factor in this one, honestly. I’m not really sure how this one relates to me in adulthood…


I LOVED art when I was growing up- and heck, I still do! I used to love drawing, going to art classes on Saturdays, coloring, and just trying to be creative. I feel like I still have a lot of creative energy within me, but I often have no idea what to do with it. I like to think that I’m a creative person, but I don’t get to use that in my work. At all.


Oh man, I was SUCH a ham when I was a kid. (Again, we have the home video proof of this.) I would love to make my family laugh. I loved pretending. This definitely hasn’t died in me at all, even though I didn’t ever really try at this in real life. I didn’t do plays in high school. I didn’t try out for musicals (ok so I did almost try out once in like 8th grade for a community theater musical but had a bit of a panic attack and made my mom come pick me up and I cried the whole way home.) I still love to pretend, though- let my imagination run wild. I think this shows that I was goofy and I’m still goofy, and I love to interact with people in a fun way. Am I getting to do that at my job? Only on personal time in personal conversations, which I suppose is fine in a ‘professional’ job.

Weather Girl

really wanted to do this for a while. I just thought it would be so neat. I didn’t even necessarily want to be the one on TV (actually yes I did. I was really good at pointing at things and people needed to see it.) I even recorded a weather simulation forecast at the NBC store in NYC when I was 13. I think my love of science faded over time as I started reading more and more and so that dream quietly faded.


This was what I wanted to be for probably most of my life. Part of it was that I really enjoyed ‘playing school’ when I was little and I had fun volunteering as a tutor in the elementary school while I was in high school. Part of it I think was that I felt like I needed to pick something I wanted to be and that was an easy answer. I finally gave that up after a practicum in college when I was in a 1st grade classroom and it was just the worst. Not for me.

Well, I think that’s all of them. And I’m honestly not quite sure what I’ve gathered from thinking back on all of these, but I sure had a lot of, umm, interesting aspirations growing up. So basically what I’ve learned today: I’m still a weird person, I still like being creative, I still like interacting with people, but not exclusively 28 seven year-old children.

Now off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday- I’m going to NorthPark Center with some friends and I’m so excited! I can’t believe I haven’t gone there before- so many of my favorite stores and brands are there! I have a few gifts I want to pick up and hopefully I can get them all today. Enjoy your day, too!


7 thoughts on “Yes, I Wanted to be a Snowman…

  1. I can’t totally relate to this post! That question about your long term goals/plan is the worst!! I never know what to say, so many things can change within yourself, your interests, and opportunities you may be presented so I think that question is irrelevant 🙂

  2. This is a hot topic for me. When I graduated college, I felt lost. I joined Corporate America but hated it, so I went back to school to be a teacher. I’m a computer teacher, but lately that feels a bit flat too. I am in a similar predicament. I keep coming up short when I try to think of where to go! I don’t think anyone ever knows what they want to be when they grow up 🙂

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