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It is time for another installment of ‘what has Kelly read recently?!?’ and I can’t believe that I’ve already done so many of these! I looked back on the last few and I’m kind of amazed at how much I’ve read so far this year. Even when I felt like I was lagging, I’ve still actually read quite a lot (really it’s because I read for a solid 45 minutes every day during my bus commute.) Here is what I’ve torn through in the last month or so!

October Reads

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Oh my goodness the series just keeps getting better and better. There was SO MUCH in this one that I completely forgot about (it had been a solid 10 years since I read it the last time…) There is just so much that happens! And Draco! And Snape! And Dumbledore! I successfully did not cry while reading the last bit of this while at the airport, and I was very proud of myself. (Also why is the movie SO DIFFERENT? NO I’M NOT MAD ABOUT IT AT ALL………….)

Why Not Me? – Oh. This book. So wonderful. I don’t think I can say enough great things. I forced myself to take week-long breaks from reading because I wanted it to last as long as possible. She is just so funny and easy to relate to and seems like a real person and I think everyone should read this. And her first book, too. You won’t be sorry.

The Other Boleyn Girl – So I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know that there actually was an other Boleyn Girl in real life. I didn’t realize that there was a sister. I know that now. (Usually history books don’t go into detail about the siblings of famous people, so that’s my excuse.) So this book was super scandalous and everyone wants to have the king’s babies and it was really fun to get caught up in all the drama! England!

Someday, Someday, Maybe – I definitely picked this book only because it was written by Lauren Graham and it made my Gilmore Girls-obsessed heart happy to know that she could write a book. And I actually really enjoyed it! The main character was very… normal. And it was so refreshing. Nothing horribly crazy happened, and that was also kind of refreshing. It was just a fun story about a fun character and her living life. It didn’t hurt either that Lauren narrated the audiobook and she is a delight to listen to!

Love in the Time of Cholera – This one is a classic story about love. It was… a slow start for me. I had to really convince myself to keep reading. The writing is so beautiful and descriptive, but it was almost too much for me at times. In the end I’m glad that I read it and it was a great story, but… it just seemed to take forever for me to finish this one.

Paddle Your Own Canoe – I 100% chose this because Ron Swanson is one of the best TV characters of all time and I’ve been reading a LOT of celebrity-written books this year, so I figured I would keep the trend going. Offerman really tells it like it is and is not afraid to give his opinions (blunt, funny, true, silly, and everything in between) and this was an easy, fast read. Perfect for a car trip or layover at the airport! I didn’t enjoy this as much as Amy Poehler’s or Tina Fey’s book, but I still didn’t hate it.

Have any of you read any of these? What did you think of them? ALSO! I’ve been working on a fun little project to share later in the year. In regards to books. And choosing books to read. And playing a game while doing so. Are you so intrigued?!? You’ll love it, I promise. 🙂


20 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. I haven’t read any of these, but I LOVE Lauren Graham so may need to pick that one up! I am in a book club and we just finished Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes and are now on the sequel… HIGHLY recommended!

  2. I keep eyeing “Someday, Someday, Maybe” whilst pursuing Barnes & Noble and have been wondering how it is. Not sure why, but your description of it being… well everyday and normal really makes me want to go pick it up. Maybe I’m in of a relatable read right now, haha not sure.

    • You definitely should. Yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting or fast-paced, but just thinking that ‘yeah, that could happen, this seems like a real story’ made me like it that much more. It definitely wasn’t boring.

  3. My boyfriend and I just re-watched all the Harry Potter movies this past week and would you believe it.. I’ve never read any of the books! I don’t know how but I just never have. My boyfriend has and owns them all and now I’m convinced I need to read them all!!! So excited! Also… My Gilmore girls heart also really wants to read that book too. I have a lot of reading to do now… Or maybe listening at least for the one lol

    • The movies are great, I love them, but girl you NEED to read the books! They are just so… magical!! And I’d say that the movies only show half of what happens in the books, so it will be like a whole new story for you!

      • Ahhhh!!!! I just need to read them NOW!!! My boyfriend has been telling me the same thing but it wasn’t till we re-watched and then I read your post that I was convinced I need to read them to really get the full story!!

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