Look What I Wore on Halloween!

Don’t you just love Halloween? I think it is so fun to get dressed up, to get together with friends, and to pass out candy to kids that come around! I’m not going to be dressing up this year since I’m going to be in Tulsa with my family. We are celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday this weekend which should be a lot of fun! I think we might try and take him trick-or-treating to a few houses, and if we do that then I will wear my spider headband- that is festive enough.

I was thinking about the Halloween costumes that I’ve worn over the last few years and I’m actually pretty proud of what I came up with, a lot of times extremely last minute! I’m also glad that I actually wore full costumes- none of that ‘sexy insert chosen profession here’ nonsense. That’s fine for other people I suppose, but October is always so cold and I wanted to stay warm, you guys!! Also I wouldn’t want a picture like that to pop up somewhere on the internet while a potential boss is searching my social media- that would just be awkward. Also that’s just not really my style, so just no.

Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite costumes, shall we?!?

Pam from The Office (2007) – This was a last minute costume thrown together 5 minutes before a residence hall council meeting where we had to dress up. Not seen in the picture: pencil skirt, tennis shoes (I didn’t have Keds but these came close), and Michael Scott on the other end of the phone telling me how he burned his foot on the Foreman grill.


Crayon (2010) – This was also a last minute costume purchased from K-Mart while on my way to work. I think that my boss mentioned the day before that it would be fun if all the office girls dressed up for Halloween and oops I didn’t have a costume! This also might be a toddler’s costume that would go to the floor on a small child, but fit me like a very tight tank top. I wore it to a party later that night and then had to cut myself out of it once I got home. Yeah, I did.


Pumpkin (2011) – This is also a small child’s costume that my sister wore in the 6th grade and I stole from the costume/dress-up box in my parent’s basement. It was supposed to be big and baggy and stuffed with fluff, but fit me a little differently since I was not 12 years old. I showed up to a party at a friend’s apartment and one of the guys there also happened to be dressed as a (very clearly last minute) pumpkin!


Raggedy Ann (2012) – This is probably my favorite costume! I found the dress at a thrift store, borrowed the apron from a friend, and I made the wig myself! Halloween was pretty chilly that year and I was going to an outdoor party, so I was glad to have a warm costume and a cozy yarn hat, too!


50’s Girl (2014) – I wore this last year when my office had a costume contest- and I WON! (Ok, so there were 3 prizes and only 3 people dressed up… I was still technically a winner…) I made the skirt but cut the waist hole WAY too big- even sewing elastic into the waistband didn’t help, so the cardigan is definitely hiding about 20 safety pins. Also I need to point out that the pink fleece was SO see-through, so I had to wear leggings and I was dying it was so warm!


Those are just some of my favorite costumes from my adult Halloweens- I wish I had pictures to show from when I was a kid, too! My mom made the best costumes- I got to dress up as a flower, a witch, Miss America, a 50’s girl (again), I’m pretty sure I was Dorothy, and I also dressed up as an Oompa Loompa (that was a super fun one, green hair and all!) Did you grow up dressing up for Halloween? What have some of your favorite costumes been?


10 thoughts on “Look What I Wore on Halloween!

  1. Oh gosh that Raggedy Ann costume is so cute! But my favorites are definitely the crayon and Pam Beesly! I love The Office! And I’m really impressed with your quick putting a costume together skills! 👏🏻

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