Jimmy Eat World- A Slightly Emo Playlist

A long, long time ago, I went through an awful break up. I had been contemplating breaking up with that boyfriend but just wasn’t sure, and then the whole relationship blew up and I was very sure- even though it was necessary and what I wanted, I was still sad and upset. Enter Jimmy Eat World. They just… got me! They soothed my angsty, emo 19 year-old soul and I listened to them non-stop. Seriously on repeat. For weeks. It was just what I needed (don’t you love how music can do that sometimes?)

8 years and 2 additional CDs later, Jimmy and I still have a great relationship and I listen to them often. I’ve seen them in concert and I know exactly what songs will go with my current mood, which songs will cheer me up, which songs I can sing out loud and dance around to. If you already love Jimmy Eat World, good for you! If you haven’t really listened to them a whole lot- let me help you out! I made you a playlist!

Below are 10 of my very favorite songs from Jimmy Eat World. Scroll the the bottom and push play to listen to them! Enjoy!

jimmy eat world


3 thoughts on “Jimmy Eat World- A Slightly Emo Playlist

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