Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guess what? It’s almost the ‘fall’ season! It definitely doesn’t feel like it here in Dallas (temps are still hovering at 100 degrees every day… yeesh) but according to my capsule wardrobe schedule, it is time to swap out my summer clothes for more transitional pieces. I went through my closet and chose my items that I’ll be wearing for the next 3 months!

fall capsule

A few notes:

  • Because it is still SO INCREDIBLY HOT here, I am keeping out a pair of shorts, a few t-shirts, and my sandals. I just don’t want to limit myself, you know? Thankfully though, my office is always freezing and so is the bus I take to and from work, so I’ll be able to wear all of these items to work pretty much right away. (I have been wearing pants and cardigans all summer without a problem, anyway.)
  • I also bumped up my number of items to 40. I used those extra spots for 2 extra pairs of shoes and an extra top.
  • It was impossible to find all of the EXACT items that I have in my closet online, so I found ones that are extremely similar. Like the black dress- I have one that is SO SIMILAR and also from Target, but I bought it 2 years ago, so it was no longer on their site.
  • Again, I didn’t include accessories, scarves, tennis shoes, or workout clothes in my items.

Are you going to join me? Go through your closet and pic out your items! Go do it! Right now! I know you’ll be surprised at just how much variety you can get with your outfits over the next 3 months. Let me know if you decide to do this along with me! Happy ‘fall’ everybody!

10 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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