My Favorite Gallery Wall (Hint: It’s Mine!)

I have always wanted to do a good gallery wall in my apartment. Heck, I even dedicated an entire post to my favorite gallery wall inspirations. The only problem was- I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to put my gallery wall. For a while I thought I might do one above my bed, but what if I want to get a headboard (something I’ve been thinking about…) and then I would have to rearrange pictures? I could do one over my fireplace, but would that work year round? The mantle is a prime decorating spot, and maybe a gallery wall there wouldn’t be the best. I finally decided that I should stick with the classics and put one over my couch. And I LOVE it!


It’s a lot of hodge-podge items that I kind of threw together, to be quite honest, but I still love it. It is very “me” and I love that it is just colorful enough and definitely not boring. I still want to paint the gold frame something else… not gold… but other than that it’s great!

Just in case you want any of these gems for your very own gallery wall, here is where I got them!


St. Louis print– this awesome shop has lots of cities available!

Texas state print– I found this on Etsy. There are so many options out there, but I’m really happy with this one!

Llama blowing bubbles– I seriously can’t get enough of this! I’m so glad I found it on Etsy! The shop has lots of quirky animals to choose from!

Gold frame- found at a flea market in Springfield, MO.

K- I probably got this at Hobby Lobby? Really any craft store will have generic wood letters you can paint.


Anchor print- I got this whole thing, frame and all, from TJ Maxx. I couldn’t find it online, but that store always has adorable things!

Hello– This came from Hobby Lobby. It was half off so it only cost me like $13. Sweet!


Cross– I got this on clearance from Hobby Lobby like 5 years ago, but I linked a very similar one.

Happy and you know it sign- Surprise, surprise, I got this from Hobby Lobby. I couldn’t find this one online either, but you can find cute things like this ALL OVER the place!

Missouri home print– I got this from an Etsy shop that has since been taken down.

Flowers in vase print– This came from Etsy. The seller was awesome and I love this one so much! (The frame is from Ikea!)

Bun print- This was a sweet birthday gift from a friend. I am pretty sure she got it at Hobby Lobby? That would be a safe bet since apparently they sell ALL the cute things!

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