Jen Does Dallas! (Weekend Wrap-Up 3/3)

—– Sunday —–

Sunday was short and sweet and still very fun! We ate breakfast at a local donut shop and it was so delicious. The shop is only a few blocks away which is awesome and awful at the same time (awesome because it is seriously so yummy and cheap, and awful because I’m always tempted to stop by and get one with lots of sprinkles on my way to work!) We each got a donut with sprinkles, I got one with cinnamon sugar, and Jen tried their cinnamon roll. I’m totally going to get the cinnamon roll next time because it was so good.

After we got all of Jen’s things packed up and loaded in the car (she only brought one half-filled suitcase so it didn’t take too long) we hung around the apartment for a bit and then headed out to Torchy’s Tacos for an early lunch. Jen got to try some street corn and got to eat a fried avocado taco (they are seriously so good!)

We did a big loop on our way to the airport so we could stop at the J.Crew Mercantile store! It’s the first one in the country and had only been open for 3 days at that point! It was fun to look around and try some things on and see what the store was like (it’s just like a Factory store, but not in an outlet setting!)

That was all the weekend fun we had time for- come back, Jen! My department at work is hiring and I am totally trying to convince her and her boyfriend to move down here. I’m half joking, half totally serious about that… I also forgot to really take pictures on Sunday, so enjoy this picture of the welcome sign I made! (That used to be a giant mirror and I slapped some chalkboard paint on that bad boy!)


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