Jen Does Dallas! (Weekend Wrap-Up 2/3)

Hello from Tulsa! I flew in for a quick weekend trip to see my parents AND my sister and her family will be there, too! Holler!!! We are having family pictures taken and it will just be fun to have everyone together again! Ok- now back to my super fun weekend recap!

—– Saturday —–

We started the day with breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. I forced Jen to order an extra tortilla just to eat and I think she was happy with that decision. Fresh made tortillas are the bomb. Next we went downtown next so I could show Jen my office and give her the “Kelly tour” which included Dealy Plaza/the grassy knoll, the JFK memorial, the 30 ft. eyeball sculpture, and a few more touristy spots along the way.

We stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes while driving back toward my apartment to take a peek at the cupcake ATM and we maybe got some cupcakes. We also maybe got some ice cream at the Sprinkles ice cream shop next door. We also maybe ate those cupcakes for lunch back at my place. Vacation calories don’t count, right?

We spent the afternoon soaking up some free A/C while watching the movieTrainwreck, and then we went downtown again to check out the sights from the Geo-Deck inside Reunion Tower. The view was incredible! We spent quite a bit of time up there and eventually went down to the yard behind the tower for the Reunion Lawn Party.

The Reunion Lawn Party actually pretty great. It’s a free even held the last Saturday of every month during the summer. There were food trucks, lawn games to play, water stations all over (it was SO HOT and that water felt SO GOOD!), bands performing- it was awesome! It was way too hot outside for us to eat hot greasy food truck food (even though it all looked so good…. blame the giant bag of popcorn we demolished at the movie) so we drove North, stopped at Freebirds to get burrito bowls, and then ate them at my apartment while watching more New Girl.

20150725_111513 20150725_112610 20150725_115719 20150725_171701 20150725_185325

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