Jen Does Dallas! (Weekend Wrap-Up 1/3)

This past weekend was SO INCREDIBLY FUN! One of my very favorite people (hi, Jen!) came down to visit me in Dallas and we had a blast!! This was the first time anyone has come to visit me (besides my family) since I moved and it was so refreshing to have a familiar face around- I really appreciated having her here a lot. What super fun things did we do? Let me tell you all about it! (I’ve decided to break up our weekend because I have a lot to share and that would honestly be the longest post known to man.)

—– Friday —–

I picked Jen up from the airport (I should have had a big sign and a chauffer’s hat! Hindsight…) and we dropped her stuff off at my apartment right away. After a quick tour (quick because my apartment is so tiny) we went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch and it was delicious! Plus, I had a coupon for a free burger so that made it even better!

After demolishing our burgers and milkshakes, we went up to Ikea to walk around. Jen had never been to one before and she needed to know what all the fuss was about (she is now all about that fuss, too.) After getting caught in some traffic, we went to Taco Diner for dinner and had our queso blanco, a yummy drink called the Mambo Taxi, and some delicious Mexican food. I had a fried avocado taco and it was a little bit life-changing.

We then went back to my apartment, got into our jammies, and spent the evening coloring, watching New Girl, and eating my homemade ice cream!

20150725_201501 20150724_131245 20150724_131419 20150724_173138

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