Queso a.k.a. Liquid Gold a.k.a. Never Let Me Make This Recipe Again

If I had to pick my favorite food of all time, it would probably be peanut butter. And then if I had to pick my NEXT favorite food, it would 100% be queso. But not just any ol’ queso- the queso dip that you get at a Mexican restaurant. But not just ANY queso dip from a Mexican restaurant- it has to be the white queso. That yellow cheese dip is the worst and I refuse to eat it.

My friend Jen (who just came down to visit me in Dallas and it was the BEST!) and I used to go to this one restaurant near our apartment in Springfield and get the queso dip. All the time. The waiters knew us and would just bring us a bowl as soon as we sat down, we didn’t even have to order it. And then when we both worked together in St. Louis, we would go out after work to a local restaurant to sit and gab and have the queso. These cheese dates were very important to me and so I knew that we would need to eat some good queso when she came down to visit!

Just in case we didn’t find any that met our standards, I decided to try out a queso recipe beforehand to make sure we had some good cheese at some point during the weekend. This. Recipe. Is. So. Good. I don’t think I will allow myself to make this again when I’m not bringing it to a party because I will eat all of it in a shockingly short amount of time. Which is what happened when I made it the first time. No regrets.


All that being said- I’m still on the lookout for the best queso dip in Dallas. I keep getting recommendations from my coworkers, but they haven’t lived up to my expectations. We found a pretty decent dip at a place called Taco Diner, but it just doesn’t compare to our old favorite place… So the search continues!

4 thoughts on “Queso a.k.a. Liquid Gold a.k.a. Never Let Me Make This Recipe Again

  1. My favorite type of food is Mexican food. It’s kind of ridiculous cuz I am a very plain eater, and I don’t like Spicy food, but I love tacos. Your totally right only the white Queso is the good kind. 🙂 One of our new church members is Mexican and she has promised to make me authentic Mexican food and I can’t wait!

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