Viva Los Tacos!

What do you get when you combine music, tacos, lucha libre, and thousands of people standing around in the Dallas heat? You get the Taco Libre festival! I went downtown this past weekend and attended the first annual Taco Libre and it was… fine.


Yeah, it was just fine. Honestly, meh, I could have stayed home and probably had just as good of a time, which I know sounds super lame, but it’s the truth. I guess I’m glad that I went because it was definitely something to experience. I mean, live Mexican wrestling… how often do you get a chance to see that?!?


I bought my ticket ahead of time (I’m so glad I did because it was DOUBLE the price to buy a ticket at the event!) and had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. Let me rephrase that- I had to wait 30 minutes while standing in the sun with no shade and no breeze. It. Was. So. Hot. Outside. I’m so glad that I wore shorts and real talk- I still got SO SWEATY. It was gross. It was so crowded and there were so many stands to get street tacos! Delicious!

taco libre

I didn’t stay too long because I said that I would go to a BBQ at a coworker’s house, but it was definitely an experience. It probably would have been a little more fun if I wasn’t there by myself (I was supposed to go with a friend but she had to cancel last minute) but I still had a pretty ok time. I mean, there were tacos. You can’t have a terrible time when there are tacos. (Insert taco emoji here.)


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