Whole30 Week 4 (Plus 2 Days)

Day 22: I don’t really miss many of the ‘old’ foods, but I do miss my peanut butter! I’ve often said that pb is my favorite food, and I feel like my friend moved away. (Actually, it just moved to the back of the pantry… but same thing.)

Day 23: Still going strong! I’m not surprised that I’ve made it this far… but yeah, I’m kind of surprised that I made it this far.

Day 24: Grocery shopping definitely goes a LOT faster when I’m just shopping the perimeter of the grocery store for fruits, veggies, and meat! (Looking for this gif gave me major flashbacks! I vividly remember watching Supermarket Sweep. At 5:30. On channel 12. Why do I remember these things?!?)

Day 25: A bunch of my coworkers went down to Klyde Warren Park at lunch today to go to the food trucks… I opted to stay inside and eat the lunch I brought with me, knowing there would be zero things I could have in the park. So sad.

Day 26: I’m going on a camping trip with my college girlfriends in a few weeks and I’m hoping that eating all the food we bring doesn’t give me a headache or make me feel sick while out at the lake! Maybe I’ll try to bring something healthy like carrots, or chicken, or rice krispie treats… oh wait….

Day 27: I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and now I feel like I need to buy a juicer! I wouldn’t want to have only juice fore very meal, but there are so many juicing options! And the nutrients!

Day 28: I think I fell asleep within 5 minutes last night. That was amazing. That is a great perk from this process!

Day 29: I already have a day planned at the end of the week to go to lunch with some coworkers. It will be nice to have a little more freedom of choice and be able to eat something that I didn’t cook myself! Hopefully we go somewhere with healthier options!

Day 30: I made it- and I didn’t cheat once! (At least not that I know of!) Now I’m looking forward to trying some of the ‘old’ foods again and seeing how I react to them. First up, peanut butter! Oooh that better go well or I will be Up.Set.

Favorite meal of the week: Almond crusted chicken, steamed veggies, and a little golden potato! This is by far my favorite meal that I’ve had this whole time. It was obviously because of the addition of the potato. For sure.


My final thoughts on this whole process:

I feel pretty darn good, but… I honestly don’t feel that much different than I did before I started this thing. Maybe because people go crazy talking about the Whole30 I expected to feel some super magical transformation? I don’t really know. I’d say that the main difference is that I sleep better and fall asleep much faster. That is well worth it to me!

So… am I glad that I did it? Yes! I might not feel all of the great things that happened in my body of the last 30 days, but I know that it was a good reset on all the crap that I eat on a regular basis. I was also glad that I set a goal and finished it. Yes, it was only for 30 days, but it would have been SO easy to run out and grab fast food, grab that candy bar at the checkout in the grocery store, go out to happy hour after work with friends, etc. I feel like I accomplished something! I also accomplished my goal of not annoying everyone around me (I actually had a few friends thank me for having the mental capacity to talk about normal things, and not try and work the Whole30 into every single conversation. Go me.)

So… will I ever do it again? Sure, why not?!? I don’t think I’ll do it in like…. July… but maybe in a few months or next year I’ll give it another go and do this whole crazy thing again!

3 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 4 (Plus 2 Days)

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