Clean 2015

Last month, I flew out to Atlanta for a few days and met my parents there for a long weekend. No, it really wasn’t a vacation. We didn’t go with the purpose of visiting family or friends. So what did we do?!? We went to a convention! More specifically, a LAUNDRY CONVENTION! (Yes, those exist. And it’s actually kind of a big deal.)


That’s right, y’all- we went to The Clean Show. It was HUGE! I was honestly blown away by just how gigantic this whole thing was. It took up a huge convention center floor, there were tons of booths, and HUGE machines on display!



I mean, look at that GIANT washing machine! My dad is 6′ tall, for reference. This thing was as big as a semi trailer. Crazy.

As friends and family know, my parents are planning to build, open, and run the best (not just my opinion, it totally will be!) vended laundromat in Oklahoma! My dad has been researching this business plan for a few years now, and it is almost time to pull the trigger. They have the land, they have the blueprints, and thanks to all the booths at the Clean Show, they now have a much clearer idea of what they are going to be dealing with. We went to educational seminars, talked to booth owners, went to a couple of evening events, and we even got to listen to a Snoop Dogg concert. (Just kidding! Snoop Dogg was definitely not at a laundry convention. And we really only heard the bass from his concert, which was outdoors and right across the street from our hotel, and went VERY late. It. Was. So. Loud.)

We had a lot of fun, I learned a LOT, and I’m getting more and more excited for my parents as the days go by! They should break ground soon and then the adventure will really begin!

The Clean Show is only held every other year, and the next one will be held in Las Vegas! My sister is planning on joining us and we are already planning to go a few days early and have lots of fun together!

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