I Watched a Movie 9 Years Ago!

Today is one of those days where I have absolutely zero creativity flowing around in my brain. None. I couldn’t even come up with a fun and quippy title for this post. Really I’ve just been having a problem with words recently, which is super convenient considering my line of work includes pretty much all words. A few images, but editing is all about the words. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

I saw on Netflix that they added a new movie, and I immediately added it to my queue. It’s probably not one that you’ve seen, or even heard of for that matter. I don’t think it ever got really ‘big’, but I remember liking it just fine!

I watched The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio probably 9 years ago with my high school boyfriend and his family, and I really liked this story a lot. It wasn’t a sappy romance story, it didn’t have the happiest moments, but it was just kind of a fun way to spend 90 minutes. Just like most good stories, this one started out as a book, which I read about a year later (it is still sitting on my bookshelf!)

The book was great, and it was fun to imagine Julianne Moore as Evelyn Ryan while reading. This story reminded me just how awesome contests are, and kind of sad that jingle-writing contests don’t really exist anymore! Even if they did, would I win one? Probably not. But I would try! I remember writing jingles for the announcements in elementary school to let people know about food drives, Halloween festivities, etc, and had a blast doing that, so who knows… maybe I could win after all?!?

Now that the story is back on my mind (but really it isn’t… I don’t remember any of the small details from the plot. I’ve slept since then), I can’t wait to watch the movie again. I’m not sure that I’ll read the book for a second time (just because my current list of books to read is constantly growing), but I definitely recommend it to you! What’s your favorite book that’s been turned into a movie?


4 thoughts on “I Watched a Movie 9 Years Ago!

  1. I really enjoyed “Memoirs of a Geisha”, both the book and the movie. I liked the book because I love historical fiction and it’s always interesting to read about other cultures, especially one as secretive as the geisha. I actually saw the movie before I read the book and I remember watching it and thinking it was just a really beautiful film, although more in the visual aspect than story aspect. Made me want to learn more about geishas!

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