Come Back, Shoes: A Beach Tale

I am still LOVING my work trip to San Diego! Yes I am here for work, and I am really enjoying learning about my new job and learning new programs, but after work has been really enjoyable, too! Yesterday and today as soon as I got off work I immediately went to La Jolla Shores to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Yesterday I walked all over the beach, got the sand between my toes, and walked in the waves a bit!

I was video chatting with my sister and showing her the beach and I ALMOST LOST MY SHOES TO THE OCEAN! I left my shoes up on the sand not too far from where I was standing in the shallow waves, maybe 30 feet away. The tide hasn’t even gotten close to that spot so I figured I would be fine. I was giving her a 360 degree view of the beach and this is what she heard- “Here is the ocean, there are some cliffs, there are some palm trees, there is the beach, there are my shoes on the beach, here comes a wave, ooh it’s covering my feet, OH IT GOT MY SHOES! THERE GO MY SHOES! COME BACK SHOES!!!!!” And then she saw me trotting up the beach trying to get to my shoes before the waves took them backward toward the big ocean. Yes, I did get there in time. But it was seriously hilarious and I’m still laughing about it!

Today I didn’t venture into the beach, but I sat on a bench right by the sand and read a book and watched the surfers in the ocean. A great way to spend a Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Come Back, Shoes: A Beach Tale

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