What a Welcome…

What a welcome to Texas- I got in a little car accident.

I am totally fine, I didn’t get too sore or stiff, but my car has definitely been better! Thankfully the air bags didn’t even deploy and it could have been a LOT worse. It was rainy, someone going the opposite way ran a red light and turned left going across the intersection, and I didn’t get stopped in time. The icing on top of the cake is that not only did the other car not stop and keep on driving, but no witnesses stopped either! Thankfully I was ok, but really, people? Nobody pulled over to make sure I was ok or give their information as a witness? Really? I thought that was a given in situations like this, but maybe that’s just a friendly Midwest thing. It wasn’t scary, just a little surprising, upsetting, and a lot frustrating.

This happened on Wednesday, which was my 4th full day in Texas. It was also supposed to be the last day of orientation for my new job (which I think I am REALLY going to like a lot!) I emailed the person running the orientation to let her know that I would be late and she was great and told me to just take the day and get things sorted out with my car. I’m glad she did, because it took longer than I thought for the police to come and get a report started, get my car towed, etc.

Again, this all could have been so much worse. A car accident in a new city where you really don’t know anyone is no bueno, but there is so much that I am thankful for:

  • God totally protected me and nobody got hurt.
  • I was paying attention and saw the truck turning, so I started braking as soon as I could (I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I had hit the truck going full speed.)
  • I have car insurance and the claims rep that I talked to was very helpful and kind. I’m sure they are used to talking to people who are upset, but it was just nice to talk to someone who sounded nice and wanted to help.
  • The tow truck dropped me off at my apartment, even though they weren’t really supposed to do that, which saved me a cab ride.
  • My company pays for a yearly/unlimited bus and train pass, so I’ll be able to use that to get around. I was actually planning on taking the bus/train to work starting Thursday, so this really didn’t throw off my plan too much. And there is a bus stop RIGHT across the street from my apartment!
  • I got a LOT of unpacking done on Wednesday. I was really upset that I was missing the last day of orientation, but it felt nice to be doing something productive.
  • I was wearing waterproof mascara, which was a good call. Even though I was perfectly fine, I still got a little emotional in the moment.

Hopefully I don’t have any more ‘exciting’ things happen for a very long time. I joked with my sister that it was bound to happen eventually. Since living in Texas, she and her husband have had to get new front bumpers THREE times, so now that I am in Texas I guess I needed to get a new front bumper, too. Hopefully I don’t need two more, though! Now I am about to hop on a plane and head to San Diego to start training for my job! I think I could use a little dose of sunshine! California, here I come!

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