Dallas! Dallas! Dallas!


Hello from DALLAS! I am here! I live here now! This is where I live! And I LOVE it so far! I mean, I’ve only been here for one week, but still! I LOVE DALLAS!

The move went pretty smoothly, I had everything planned and my parents were AWESOME to help so much and drive down with me! My dad drove the Budget truck while my mom and I drove our cars. We drove to Joplin Friday evening and then the rest of the way to Dallas on Saturday morning and it rained the WHOLE TIME for the entire drive. It was not great driving weather, that’s for sure. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew drove up from Houston and helped unpack/assemble things and it was so great to see them!

Obviously Dallas is very different from St. Louis, but over the last few days I’ve noticed a few things that seem VERY different to me…

  • There are 7/11s EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually saw one, but they are everywhere down here. There is one on the corner by my apartment. Down just one block, there is another one on that corner. Go another 3 blocks and oh what is that? Another 7/11.
  • The traffic is no joke; and not just morning/rush hour traffic going in and out of downtown. There are just so many cars everywhere. In the middle of the day just driving down the street to go get a bite to eat, there were so many cars. That will take a bit to get used to.
  • There are so many tall buildings everywhere. Not just downtown. Like you know how in Clayton there is a little mini section of tall buildings? It’s like that. But all over.
  • I’ve never seen so many restaurants in my entire life. And so much variety! But really. It seems like each little strip has maybe 1 business and like 8 restaurants. It’s crazy.
  • I always knew that Texas drivers go fast, but these people drive fast. I was on the interstate in the middle lane, the speed limit was 65, I was probably going 71, and people were whizzing by on both sides going soooo fast!
  • All the traffic lights are sideways and I think I prefer them that way? Maybe? I don’t know yet.
  • Downtown Dallas is HUGE and awesome! There are tunnels and skywalks and so many tall buildings and even more restaurants! My first day at work I went to lunch with a few teammates, and the restaurant we went to was in a building a few blocks away. Did we walk outside? Nope! We took to the skywalks the whole way there! So cool!

I still have a little bit of unpacking to do- it seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, but hopefully I can get it all finished up soon. I’ll post some pictures once I get everything set up!

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