Skype Interview Tips and Tricks

Trying to find a new job can be a fun and exciting process, but it is really stressful and kind of scary and very nerve wracking and a bit exhausting. I recently started the process of looking for a new job and it was quite a process. It didn’t feel super great to apply to job after job after job and never hear anything back, but man did it feel awesome when a company contacted me saying they were interested in my resume!

In one month, I had 7 interviews, which is quite a lot! Lots of research, lots of prep work, lots of trying to be less nervous while waiting for them to start. 5 of those were phone interviews, which I have become quite a pro at. I would still dress up a bit to feel like it was a ‘real interview’ and I got to have notes in front of me which was always helpful!

One of the interviews was in person, and it was… interesting. I did my best, I answered their questions well, but it was not what I was expecting at all. I am a technical writer, and I found the job posting on a site that only lists tech writing jobs. When I talked with the HR girl and told her about my experience (doing technical writing), she seemed pretty excited about me and the way she explained the job made it seem like it would be a good fit. I was invited to come interview in person, and the interviewer seemed extremely disinterested from the start. She looked over my resume, and then looked up at me and said, “You know this is a marketing job… right? This isn’t a technical writing position…” So needless to say, my minimal marketing experience didn’t land me that job. Oh well.

My other interview was done over Skype and took a bit more prep work. I had to set up my laptop and table just right, adjust the lighting around me, take some practice video to make sure I sounded and looked ok, and then wait for them to contact me!

I found this video a few years ago about how to look good on a web cam and I keep going back to it- it is SO HELPFUL! I used every single bit of advice that they dished out and I think it worked quite well! Check it out!

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