Background Check

There are a lot of things that I like about having a smartphone. I always have a camera in my pocket. There is an app for everything. The internet is always with me if I need it. But honestly one of my very favorite things is that I can have fun and pretty backgrounds. I switch mine up pretty often (like once a week I’d say) and I’ve realized that I must really like the color pink, because most of the backgrounds have some element of pink to them. Here are some of my favorites!







I’m off to finish the rest of my weekend- I have some laundry to put away, some meals to prep, and some other prep work to do for this week. A lot of that prep will be done with Parenthood on in the background. It’s my newest Netflix choice and it is SO good but SO emotional. I am a major sympathetic crier and at least a few of the characters end up crying in each episode, which means that I end up crying a little bit a few times during each episode… so there’s that. But I grabbed a new box of tissues from my parent’s house yesterday and I have my waterproof mascara, so I’m set! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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