Julep Favorites

Bad weather is no fun! Last night’s birthday dinner did not get to happen, which is a bummer but it was the best decision. About an hour before we were going to leave it started sleeting and it was supposed to get worse as the night went on, so we are just going to reschedule for (hopefully) next weekend. The weather should be better next week and then we can have more time to hang out and eat burgers and drink milkshakes! Hopefully the roads are better now so I can go over to my parent’s house. I’m going to do some laundry there, go through some boxes/tubs with my mom, and then I think we are all going out for dinner! Oh boy!

A few years ago I signed up for Julep, which sends you options each month for different beauty boxes filled with nail polish and other fun things to try from their brand. You always have the option to opt-out and not receive a box that month (which honestly I usually end up skipping because I don’t love every color all the time, or I just need to save some money, etc.) or you can send the box to a friend instead, which would be a fun gift to give! The nail polish is so smooth and creamy and goes on SO well, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use a second coat. I know! They have some other really great products, too, and here are some of my favorites!


1. Freedom Polymer Top Coat– THIS IS THE BEST STUFF EVER. And yes, it does deserve all-caps. I am already getting sad for the day when my little bottle runs out. It dries SO fast and SO smooth. You know how great your nails feel when you get a gel manicure at the salon? It feels JUST like that. This is hands down my favorite Julep product.

2. Oxygen Nail Treatment– A great infused breather for your nails that helps to keep your nails strong and healthy. I try and use this when my nails aren’t actually painted; it has a nice pink sheen to it that is very subtle.

3. Layne Polish– This is the perfect neutral/pink color. This color is very soft so I usually put a layer of white polish after my base coat and before applying this one.

4. Winona Polish– Greige (that’s the correct term, right?) at its best. Still a calm enough color to be considered a ‘neutral’ but bold enough to get noticed.

5. Jess Polish– I LOVE this color for winter. And fall. And all year, really. It’s so dark and rich and beautiful and looks great against my very pale fingers. 🙂

6. Bare Face Cleansing Oil– This leaves my skin so incredibly soft. You apply it on your dry face which seems kind of weird at first, and it does feel counter-productive to be putting oil all over your face, but it really works wonders.

There are so many other colors that I love, but those are my favorites for now. I think I’m going to use the Jess polish this weekend, I have something really exciting happening on Monday and I want my nails to look their best! Enjoy the weekend, everybody!

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