Sing It Out Loud!

There is nothing I like better than a good sing-along; musicals are the best! When I was really little my sister and I used to put on the soundtracks to our favorite musicals and act out the parts. (She always got the lead parts and I had to sing the boy parts. Until the male solo came on and then she got to sing those, too. I still had fun, though!) In college my friend Allison and I would sing High School Musical songs and dance around my dorm room, which we still laugh about and want to recreate to this day. Bottom line, I love to belt out a good song. Even if I can’t sing that well. I’m sure my neighbors love it.

I’ve made a list of Netflix favorites before, and now another one is coming your way. Here are my top 5 favorite musicals available on Netflix for your listening and singing pleasure!

Rent – this was my most recent at home sing-along while I was cleaning around my apartment. I think more dancing happened than cleaning, but… that’s ok. Favorite song to sing with: Another Day. Great duet potential right there!

Grease – it’s a classic for a reason. Favorite song to sing with: Hopelessly Devoted to You. Belt that ballad!

West Side Story – a modern musical Romeo and Juliet. When you’re a jet *snap* you’re a jet all the way. Favorite song to sing with: I Feel Pretty. There is some good twirling potential while singing along with Maria!

High School Musical – yes, of course this made my list. It’s so bad, and it’s so cheesy… but it’s so good I just can’t help it! And Zac Efron! Favorite song to sing with: Breaking Free. Yes, this was Allison and my song of choice in my freshman dorm. We still sing it on roadtrips. We’re so cool.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – this has a special place in my heart. This one often gets overlooked which is a real shame. It is hilarious and NPH is amazing and it’s only 43 minutes so that means you should probably watch it twice in a row. Favorite song to sing with: My Eyes. The harmonies!

So there is my list! What are some of your favorite musicals and songs to sing along with at home?


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