Favorite Brunch Spots

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, brunch is one of my very favorite things. Ever. You get to eat delicious food, sit and chat with your friends, and have a relaxing morning. You can’t get much better than that! St. Louis has a lot of wonderful brunch places and I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t tried them all yet! I keep going back to the same places because they are just that good.


This restaurant in Clayton has amazing pasta during their normal hours (who would have guessed with a name like that?!?) but on weekends they have a pretty decent brunch. I got the french toast and it was pretty darn good. I had major food envy when someone at the table next to me ordered the crispy potatoes and a doughnut. I’m totally gong to get a doughnut next time I’m there.


Half & Half

This is hands down my favorite place to go. Seriously, I keep coming back! It is a super small and adorable little place in Clayton and you usually have to wait a while to get a seat, but it is SO worth it. (There is a little boutique down the street that you can walk through while you wait, so that’s a little bit of bonus fun for your day.) Make sure you get something that comes with the breakfast potatoes. Or just order a side of the breakfast potatoes. You will not be upset about that choice.


City Coffeehouse & Creperie 

Yet another great brunch place in Clayton! They have so many different choices of crepes, it’s crazy. They have sweet ones, savory ones, fruit-filled ones, and they also have waffles! They are so delicious but SO filling- I couldn’t even eat half of my crepe. But it was so good…



Ok I change my mind, Rooster might be my favorite place for brunch… it’s just so hard to choose! Rooster now has a second location in Tower Grove East and literally everything they have is delicious. I highly recommend going there when you’re reeeeeeeally hungry and ordering the Rooster Slinger. It’s an impressive plate with an even more impressive combination of deliciousness.



Benton Park Cafe

This is the most recent place that I’ve tried and it was great! I got the pancakes with bacon and wow. The pancakes were literally bigger than my face. It was impressive. A friend tried the breakfast pizza (it had been recommended to us) and said that it was really good… but you really have to like provel cheese.

And now I really want to go get brunch! I made some chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night (because breakfast for dinner is almost as good as brunch, right?) and I have some left over… those will have to do for now. But who wants to make plans for brunch this weekend?!? Are there any other delicious places I should try out?

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