Super Special Valentines for Super Special People

Happy Valentine’s Day! I personally love this day. Hearts and chocolates and pretty flowers everywhere- yes, please! Plus I really like the color pink, and that is all over the place right now, so that is always ok in my book. I have some very special plans for the day which include cleaning, doing research for something very exciting I have going on next week, and watching Harry Potter! (I’ve been re-reading the book series this year and decided I should be re-watching the movies as I go along!)

Just for fun and laughs, I found some great valentines that I wanted to share. I hope your day is full of love and fun and chocolate!

For the person you’re just kind of into.

For the honest people.

For the people who know how impressive this is.

For the T-Swift fans (which is secretly everyone. Be honest.)

For the people who still miss Cousin Matthew.

For all the single ladies.

For all the Gilmore Girls fans out there.

For all the people watching HP today. So just me.

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