Netflix Picks

I try to keep a pretty tight budget. I have categories for just about everything- rent, utilities, tithing, car maintenance, savings, groceries, etc. One of more fun categories is my “fun money” portion of my budget, because fun things are fun. Part of that category gets allotted each month to my Netflix subscription, and it is very much worth the monthly splurge! (I like to think that I get my $8 worth every month, so that helps to justify it a bit more).

There are SO MANY genres available, movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids movies… it can be a bit daunting to decide what to watch. And even though I have my queue and seem to be constantly adding things to “My List”, it can be hard to tell what mood I’m in and what I feel like watching. A drama? Scary movie? Something with a little action? A little bit of everything?!?

I figured that I must not be the only person with trouble deciding what to watch, so I made a little list of some of my current Netflix recommendations- watch and enjoy!

netflixSay Anything– You’ve seen pictures of John Cusack holding a stereo above his head, now it’s time to find out why… and fall a little in love with Lloyd Dobler in the process.

Scrubs– Great if you are in a goofy mood or just want a short, 30-minute sitcom to go through. This show makes me laugh with every episode and apparently it is the most medically-accurate show on television! Just don’t waste your time with the last season. Not worth it. Don’t do it.

Robin Hood– This is my all-time favorite Disney movie and I feel like it often gets forgotten. A must see if you haven’t already, and worth another viewing if the last time you saw this you were still wearing footie pajamas.

Portlandia– This show isn’t for everyone, but most of the skits in this show are pretty darn hilarious. It will make you want to ‘put a bird on it’ for sure.

Sherlock– Drama. Action. Logic. Mystery. Crime. Clueing for looks. And it has Tim from The Office, so that’s a win right there!

The Giant Mechanical Man– This is one of my favorite indie films that I’ve seen this year (it came out a few years ago, though). The great cast makes it worth checking out.

Arrested Development– This show was great in its day, and then Netflix picked up where the Bluth family left off. A good start to see how great original Netflix content can be.

Funny Face– a great choice if you want a classic movie-musical with singing, dancing, more singing, more dancing, and a s’wonderful s’marvelous love story.

I’d love to get more recommendations on other movies and shows I should watch- send them my way!


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