Get On My Bookshelf! (II)

Last summer I made a post called Get On My Bookshelf and I decided that I needed to do another. There are just so many books out in the world that I want to read and it is a little bit sad knowing that I will most likely never reach the end of my always growing book list.

I did get a library card when I moved to St. Louis and it has been very helpful in my quest to read all the books. The library is adorable, it is within walking distance, and there is a cute little donut shop that I pass on my home. There were quite a few times over the summer that I walked to the library and then stopped in for a treat while I started reading my newest book. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

Here are the books that have recently made their way onto my book list!

Spell It Out– I do words for a living and this sounds absolutely fascinating. Not to mention that one of my very favorite classes in college was on the history of the English language, and so I feel like I’ll enjoy this book a lot.

Peter and the Starcatchers– I saw the play based on this book while I was in New York City last year and it was AMAZING! Seriously. Probably my favorite part of the trip. I’ve been wanting to read the book ever since.

I Am Malala– This girl just became the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and she is doing amazing things in the fight for education.

Adulting– I feel like I’m still trying to figure out how to be a real like grown-up, and this book could help. Also I hear it is pretty funny.

The Bell Jar– Everyone wants to read a book about a breakdown into insanity, right? This classic has actually been on my list since high school, and every time I think of Sylvia Plath I think of this Gilmore Girls quote: “Hey, did anyone ever think that maybe Sylvia Plath wasn’t crazy, she was just cold?”

Jim Henson: The Biography– I’m pretty sure that Muppets are my spirit animal. My friends have termed a certain face I make as “Muppet face.” I will enjoy this biography, no doubt.

Dark Places– This thriller is from the same author as Gone Girl, which I still have to read, as well. So add that one to my list, too.

Sugar Nation– This one being on my list even surprised me, someone who on more than one occasion has answered the question ‘What is your favorite food?’ with “SUGAR!” Sugar is in literally everything, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and it kind of freaks me out. I think this would be an interesting read.

And now all I want to do is sit around and read books! I am about to go to my parent’s house to do laundry (free laundry is the best, thanks again Mom and Dad!) and I have a book packed in my purse to read while I’m there… but I also know that there is a Property Brothers marathon on HGTV today and that will most likely be keeping my attention while there. Those guys are the best!

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