Fact: Grown-Ups Have Matching Dishes

And by that fact, I just very recently became a grown-up… and I love my new dinnerware so much!

I had always had mismatch plates and bowls and that was fine with me. Some came from Walmart, some came from a garage sale, some came from one of my sister’s college roommates, and I’m honestly not sure where a few of my plates came from… There is a small pink one that just kind of showed up in my cabinet one day. (So if any of my friends left a little pink plate at my apartment in the last 5 years… sorry about that…)

Last year as a Christmas gift my parents said that they would buy me a new set of dinnerware and I was SO excited! And then so overwhelmed! There are SO MANY different shapes, colors, designs, and materials to choose from and I had the hardest time choosing. I saw a lot of sets that I liked online, but they were rarely available in the store to look at in person and I didn’t want to order something that I thought I would like and then end up hating it.

Fast forward about 8 months later and I finally picked out these dishes. And I love them.


I also found a few more gems to match my new dinnerware! I grabbed some serving bowls at TJMaxx that match almost exactly- I couldn’t make out the brand on them, but they have the raised dots all over the outside, too! I also found some little ramekins at Wold Market that will be perfect for small bites, dips, and more!


Next on my list of grown-up stuff to get is some nice new silverware. At the moment mine is, you guessed it, random and mismatched. Hopefully I will find some soon!

2 thoughts on “Fact: Grown-Ups Have Matching Dishes

  1. Save a few of the mismatched dishes to bring to potlucks or a plate of cookies to a neighbor…that way you won’t be worried if you don’t get them back. Ditto the silverware, especially serving pieces (which always seem to get mixed up at potlucks).

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