Super Fun Summer Dinner Party Oh Yeah!

There is nothing more “summery” than a fun and fancy-ish outdoor dinner party with your friends. In order for this to happen, there are a few steps that need to take place:

  • Someone needs to suggest having a fun and fancy-ish outdoor dinner party with your friends.
  • Invite people.
  • Pick and time and date and place (this would usually happen before inviting people, but not the case this time.)
  • Make food and only eat some of it before showing up for party time (you have to try some of it though. Poison control is the most important job.)
  • Have a lovely dinner party and eat delicious food and have lovely conversation.
  • Someone needs to break off a corner of the dinner table (oops this actually happened.)
  • Laugh at the person who broke the dinner table. Go ahead and laugh some more.
  • Oh and there must be some fun outdoor lighting.

I seriously had so much fun and think that we need to have another dinner night as soon as possible while the weather is still warm enough.


One of my friends rents a house in Tower Grove Heights and he was nice enough to open up his home for the dinner party. It was great to have a kitchen to set up and finish making the food in, a fridge to keep everything cold, and an awesome yard with a fire pit for later on in the evening, complete with s’mores.


I made doily place cards for everyone to go under clear plates and I think that it they added a fun touch to the evening. Plus I had a great time making them! (Partly because it actually was fun and I enjoy trying to be crafty and creative, but mostly because I had great people to keep me company in my apartment and Gilmore Girls on in the background. Can’t go wrong with Gilmore Girls.)


The food was delicious! I made twice-baked potatoes (with extra cheese and broccoli!) and salted caramel rice krispie treats, there was amazing buffalo chicken dip, veggies and hummus, a meat and cheese tray, and apparently there were some cookies there that never got brought out. I still doubt their existence. It was so nice to sit around a table with some of my favorite people here in St. Louis, laugh, and just enjoy life.

So when is the next one already?!?

4 thoughts on “Super Fun Summer Dinner Party Oh Yeah!

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