Welcome to 2009

Something major has happened. A huge life event. The day that I have waited for (not so) patiently has finally arrived.

Kelly has a smartphone!

Ok yes, I realize that I am getting a little dramatic about getting a new phone, but seriously. I’m pretty excited. Don’t get me wrong, my old phone was wonderful and worked really well- I actually liked it a lot! I also kind of enjoyed that because my phone didn’t have the ability to connect to the internet, I wasn’t always tied to my phone like everyone else around me. I wasn’t constantly checking my facebook while out with friends or doing other things that people with smartphones do in public, social situations (obviously I still haven’t figured it all out yet).

I found a really good deal on a Samsung Galaxy S4, ordered it, and it arrived today! I must admit, it is so pretty. And the colors are so bright. And the sound is so clear. And my instagram is RIGHT THERE any time I want! Hooray!

Now that I have the fancy new phone in my hand, I am already kind of terrified of dropping it and having the pretty bright screen crack and die. What does that mean- I need a case! I’ve been doing a lot of searching online and looking at reviews and I’m pretty sure that I know what I am going to buy, but in the mean time, here are a few of my favorites so far!

Phone Cases


1. Kate Spade      2. CandyShell      3. Etsy      4. Society6      5. OtterBox      6. Tory Burch

So does anyone else with the S4 know any cool tips or tricks? I have found some really cool features, but I want to make sure I’m not missing out on anything awesome! Yes, I know that I’ve only had the phone for a few hours and I have plenty of time to figure it all out, but I have years of smartphone fun to catch up on. Bring it on.

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