I honestly can’t believe how fast time has gone since I moved back to St. Louis. For real. I started my new (now not really so new anymore) job almost 8 months ago, which just seems absolutely crazy! It doesn’t seem like I left Springfield that long ago. And now I’ve been living in my new (again, I don’t really think I can use that word anymore) apartment for two and a half months. Crazy. I promise I’ll put up some apartment pictures soon, btw!

I still love my job and the work that I’m doing, but I’ve been getting bored with my cubicle lately. Now don’t get me wrong, I really lucked out with my workspace. I have two monitors, lots of desk space, 3 large drawers and some overhead cupboards, but everything is gray and blah and boring. I did make a little print during my first few weeks on the job and have it hanging above my phone and that adds a little bit of fun to my cube, but I still want to do something more!

cubicle floral

Here are some of my favorite little office spaces (via Pinterest, of course)- hopefully I’ll get some inspiration soon and actually do something more with my cube!

Great DIY ideas for doing an office cubicle makeover! How to hang framed pictures to your cubicle wall, elegant desk decor and more.

Cubicle Decor: Office Design Inspiration

DIY Cubicle Decor: Tips and Tricks from an HGTV and DIY Network Designer >> http://blog.diynetwork.com/maderemade/2014/02/10/diy-cubicle-decor-dress-up-your-desk/?soc=pinterest

Cubicle decor

Hang a Tassel Garland in your cubical or office space.  Photo compliments of  http://www.quietlikehorses.com

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