New Year, New Resolutions

2014 is going to be my year. I can already tell. I have made some pretty sweet resolutions to ensure that this is the case. This year I will…

  • Start enjoying yoga (I already do it, but I’m never that happy about it.)
  • Kick my soda habit (Except for when I have my root beer birthday party. Then it is all soda all day.)
  • Have an awesome 26th birthday (Again, root beer birthday party. Bam.)
  • Travel somewhere new (And it needs to be somewhere awesome.)
  • Move out of my parent’s house (Free rent is great, but I need to be closer to work. And not at my parent’s house.)
  • Eat 85% healthy food, 15% cake (Let’s be real, cake is the best.)
  • Floss on the regular (Because who actually remembers to do that. Like, ever…)
  • Stick to my budget (Because I’m a grown-up now and should manage my money like one.)
  • Watch less TV (But does this include Netflix? Maybe? But probably not. I’ll add that in for 2015.)
  • Don’t chop off my hair. Just don’t. (Let’s keep it longer for a while.)
  • Actually use my sewing machine. (And make about 1,000 skirts and things.)
  • Make my bed every day (Again, I’m a grown-up and that is something that grown-ups do. Do grown-ups call themselves “grown-ups” though?)
  • Get fun and funky new glasses (But get my eyes checked first. Important step.)
  • Design my own stationary (And use it to send letters to people, or something like that.)
  • Get a teeny tiny tattoo (Because why not?)
  • Stick to a fitness routine (Become a jogger. Run a 5k. Do pilates. And so on.)
  • Open an Etsy shop (For all my crocheting and (future) sewing creations.)
  • Visit little Grady-pants (AKA #1 nephew. I want to see him again so soon!)
  • Be awesome (Just generally, be awesome.)

All attainable goals, yes? I think so, too. Go 2014.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions

  1. I love your resolutions!! Not all grown-ups make their beds – in fact, I hear your mother never makes hers, which came as quite a surprise to Aunt Marcia and me. However, I have always preferred to climb into a made bed than a sloppy one. And maybe another resolution is to let absolutely everyone know that you have a blog! I can’t wait to catch up on your last year.

  2. Don’t get a tattoo, you’ll regret it. But DO come visit Grady – you won’t regret that! And if you figure out the trick to actually enjoying yoga, you need to tell me what it is!

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